Nature-Based Solutions for Cities
Urban areas are socio-ecological systems being simultaneously a places where many challenges concentrate and innovative actions tackling them. The Symposium aims to gather experts interested in urban nature-based solutions and sustainable urban transition. It is intended to be an exchange platform among scientists, practitioners and representatives of policy makers interested in transdisciplinary approach. This international event gives the opportunity to share knowledge and experience from different countries including the achievements of EU projects and other practical oriented initiatives.

The Symposium will be focused on research that move beyond disciplinary boundaries and integrate the ecological and social studies of urban systems within the scope of NbS co-creation.

The key interest areas are:
  • Development of nature-based solution (NBS) concept for urban areas
  • NBS in the face of contemporary environmental, social and economic challenges
  • NBS in urban policy and planning
  • NBS in urban regeneration and re-naturalization
  • Learning by doing – sharing experiences of cities in implementing and scaling-up NBS
  • NBS in different scales – from site to metropolitan perspective
  • Business, financial and governance models of NBS
  • Monitoring of NBS within socio-ecological system
The papers accepted for the Symposium Nature-based solutions for cities and fitting within the scope of the Urban Forestry & Urban Greening Journal will be considered for publication in Special Issue “Urban transitions towards Nature-based Solutions”.

Despite moving the conference to 2021, we believe that your research and projects are progressing. Therefore, we would like to inform you that Special Issue of Urban Greening & Urban Forestry Journal focusing on Urban Transformation towards Nature-based solutions is going to be launched as initially planned – call for papers is going to be open on 15th July 2020. Please see more information on the journal website.