ECOSERV 2020/21

Ecosystem Services Partnership


We are pleased to announce that the  6th Scientific Symposium "Ecosystem services in transdisciplinary approach" – ECOSERV 2020/21 – will be held within the SURE 2020/21 World Congress.

The ECOSERV 2020/21 will be focused on new research in ecosystem services, including the methods, tools, models and implementation.

The opening talk will be given by Rudolf de Groot, chair of Ecosystem Services Partnership.

Contribution can address, but are not confined to:
  • Theoretical frameworks for mapping and assessment of ecosystem services
  • Identification of ecosystem services indicators for all ecosystem types, e.g. agroecosystems, forest ecosystems, urban ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems and marine ecosystems
  • Optimal degree of data detail for analysis of ecosystem services at the national, regional and local scales
  • Specificity of ecosystem services on the landscape scale
  • Ecosystem services bundles, synergies and trade-offs

We are convinced that the ECOSERV 2020/21 will be an excellent occasion to bring together scientists and practitioners from different countries and exchange experience on mapping, assessment and implementation of ecosystem services.

The ECOSERV 2020/21 Symposium will be supported by the Ecosystem Services journal which may consider the conference papers for publication in Special Issue on Ecosystem services in transdisciplinary approach - ES & transdisciplinarity.