Agriculture in Cities

Urban agriculture has received much attention over the last two decades as a practice supporting urban resilience and sustainability, climate change mitigation, social cohesion, healthy life and wellbeing. On the other hand, intensive urban development causes shrinking of agricultural production space. Recognizing this problem, we would like to invite researchers and practitioners to discuss the place of urban agriculture in the modern city.

The Symposium will be an opportunity to exchange experiences and share knowledge in the field of:
  • urban agriculture theoretical frameworks and concepts,
  • urban agriculture for the more sustainable and resilient cities,
  • policy-making processes for better urban agricultural land management,
  • innovative types of urban agriculture - potential for development in cities,
  • socio-economic aspects of urban agriculture (community cohesion, small entrepreneurship),
  • effects of urban agriculture on the socio-ecological system,
  • urban Food-Water-Energy nexus as a complex system – potential synergies and trade-offs,,

We are convinced that the Symposium will be an excellent occasion to create an international platform for sharing, learning and for scientific discussion on Agriculture in Cities.