(as at 31.01.2020)


How to Initiate and Develop EU Projects – Lessons Learnt from two European Projects on NBS (Chair: Tomasz Bergier) description

Identification and integration of Ecosystem Services in Spatial Urban Planning in Coastal Areas (Chair: José Carlos Ferreira) description

ENABLING fair and resilient flows of ecosystem services from urban green and blue infrastructure (Chair: Johannes Langemeyerdescription

Envisioning through Cross-Sections. Extempore experiments on landscape description and strategical design (Chair: Andrea Oldanidescription

Decision-support tools for planning climate resilient developments: enablers and inhibitors: Do data-driven solutions hold the key to planning climate resilient cities? (Chair: Jeremy Anteroladescription

Urban transition towards eco-cities. The role of developers and their relation with other stakeholders (Chair: Henry Garay – Sarastidescription

Advances and opportunities to catalyse partnerships in the use of NBS in European and Latin American cities (Chair: Tom Wilddescription

How to handle a manuscript to get published. The editor’s perspective (Chair: Luis Inostrozadescription

Biophilic Cities and the specific role of gardens (Chair: Monika Egererdescription

Co-creating fair and biodiverse Latin American cities (Chair: Diana Ruizdescription

Human-biodiversity interactions in cities (Chair: Leonie Fischerdescription